Imre's Opinions During Seiza(lineup to start or end Kendo training sessions)

Created by Susan 4 years ago
Imre and I were the same rank in Kendo when he relocated to San Diego from Boston in early 2000's.   When I met him he was quiet, observant and pensive.  I could have told him my deepest darkest secrets and he would have taken them to his grave(sorry for the bad pun here).  Slowly he warmed up to me and we began to talk more or more like I talked and he listened.  More and more he shared his opinions about our Kendo training with which he was not in agreement at times.  While we were lined up to either begin or end the Kendo training he often whispered something to me about a kendo technique, drills or style of training.  He also added a witty comment or a type of riddle.  After returning home or during my drive back home I thought of what he said and tried to figure out his riddles.  I usually never did and he would have to tell explain to me the next session what he meant or texted to me.   He probably thought I got too many hits on my head....  Oh boy